The Bike Shop is a non-profit child-centered project for participants from low-income homes. Without it many of the children here could not afford to purchase or even repair and maintain a bike. At the Shop, children and youth learn to give their bikes the care that keeps them operating safely. Rides get us out into the greater Bellingham area and well beyond, exploring, building riding competence and self-esteem.

Video games and television are imposed on children as inexpensive babysitters with relatively limitless advertising budgets. The same adults that often criticize kids for not doing anything use these diversions to occupy them when they, the adults don't have time for them. At the same time, neighborhood infrastructure has eroded and streets have become choked with traffic. What do we expect kids to do?

A bicycle is literal empowerment. The Bike Shop successfully engages participants because it is concrete, experiential, and enjoyable. There are no worksheets, quizzes, or practice. This is cycling: real, active, and challenging. Today's children are no different from those of any age. They respond to high expectations and love to explore the world around them. A little attention and a working bike helps to make for a rewarding childhood and healthy transition young adulthood.

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